What is Emotional Liberation and Why you need it in your life

All of us fall for emotional dependency and then we feel the need to be emotionally independent. But is emotional independency the same as emotional freedom? The answer is no. In a quest towards emotional independence, I learnt about what truly is emotional freedom. Emotional Liberation is Emotional freedom. Before going into what it is,... Continue Reading →


Socialising and the importance of the “ME” time

One who has acute knowledge about socialising in different situations, and one who is  also comfortable being with oneself – i.e one who embraces solitude and learns to spend time with oneself is truly invincible.   While due to the exposure to social medias, and other platforms, more and more people seem to be comfortable... Continue Reading →

You’re just one decision away….

In a time filled with uncertainty, anxiety and insecurity, related to almost every aspect of an individual's life, are we even undermining or neglecting, the options we have over controlling our lives?   I strongly believe that we're just one decision away from "being closer" to everything we desire. And whether you're going to take... Continue Reading →

To The ‘Idea of You’

The Idea of You It's been a long time and I still can't believe that I even thought of writing something like this. I don't even remember the last time I thought about you. Human mind is so strange isn't it - All those memories, and after all that effort I had put in to... Continue Reading →

Relationships – Big Boss?

In any kind of relationship, whether it is with your best bud from school or a new colleague in your office, it is always going to be hard if you are going to have a mind-set which is definitive about everything you share with people.   Such people are always noticed defining things, for example,... Continue Reading →

An Insecure Mind: What-ifs and Maybes

Just when we feel that we have got it all sorted out, this uncertain life of us, throws at us some situations, people, etc and disrupts the clarity.. It's like the popular quote, "When you find the answer, life changes it's question". Out of the blue you meet someone, you get attached to them, time creates illusions and unsettlement, you start to feel insecure, you start missing them and your mind starts to over think. Most of us have gone through this phase of 'insecurity'. Such phases are one of the best learning curves in our lives. So What exactly does a person feel or think during those insecure phases? I have listed down some of the "What-ifs and Maybes that run in an insecure mind"

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