About The Author


Through words, we express. Through words, we live. Through words, we share a meaning to our lives.


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Bhuvanesh Chandar – a writer, a cinephile, a painter, a poet, a foodie, a dreamer, a beginner photographer, and a lover of the universe, who loves stories.

I was always fascinated by the many ways of expressing oneself and I strongly believe that Art is the most magical form of expression. Writing is a beautiful way of expressing oneself. A writer can paint any image inside the readers’ mind using words, and possesses utmost control over it. A writer can create an image of a beautiful hummingbird with yellow-tinged body and mint-greenish feathers, floating in the outside of a dusty window pane and further more give details to the frame, or he can just say that a bird is flying near the window and let the reader create an image using their own creativity. Words are indeed very powerful.

I, as an artist, strive hard every single day to be my better self. In my everyday journey to be a better artist, to be a good screenwriter, to be a good novelist, I use this blog as an outward reach to the outside world, as an exhibition of my art, and to express myself honestly.

You’ll find me in my terrace, thinking about the universe, under my favourite starry night sky, or you can contact me in any of the social media pages that i’ve linked below.

My Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/bhuvan.chandar.brucelee

Intagram: @bhuvan_bruce_





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