About The Author

Through words, we express. Through words we live. Through words we give a meaning to the things around us.


Hey there, reader. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Bhuvanesh Chandar, a Future Chartered Accountant and a wannabe writer 😛

I’m an Ambivert, who loves when the inner kid takes command and does crazy things 🙂 .I’m, a Foodie, a Dreamer, Music lover, Bruce Lee Fan boy, passionate about Cinema, an Agnostic.

I always love ways of expressing myself and I strongly believe that performing any kind of art is a magical form of expression.Writing is something i always loved. A writer can paint images inside readers’ mind using words and he has utmost control over it. For example, a writer can create an image of a beautiful bird with yellow-tinged body and mint-greenish feathers, flying near a dusty window pane and further more give details to it or can just say that a bird is flying near the window and let the reader create an image using his own creativity. Words are indeed very powerful

So yeah that’s pretty much of it for now, please do follow up with my writings and you may know more about me 😛 😀

My Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/bhuvan.chandar.brucelee