From Letters, Stories and Memories, to Molaga Bajji and more…


Maybe having “Molaga Bajji” with a sip of “Kaapi” in between the bites is too old school for you. Maybe doing that when it’s pouring heavily outside and when Ilayaraja is trying to take you to cloud nine with ‘Raja Raja cholan’, is indeed too cliché a thing for you. That wasn’t the case a few years ago but I do understand that people have overdone it and that it doesn’t interest you any more.


But somehow I feel our generation is missing out a lot as they try to hide away from indulging in a lot of things which, the masses consider as “cliché”

Maybe a scene with a male protagonist posting a letter to the female lead is too overdone according to you, but when was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter to someone? To someone who need not necessarily be your romantic partner. I bet that most of you are thinking about the answer Katradhu Tamizh Karunas gave about the same, but seriously do think about it again.

If not before, just write a letter filled with positivity and love, and send it anonymously to someone who is super close to you and to that person, whom you feel will be able to guess you using the hints you’ve dropped in the letter. At the end of the letter, just ask them to give some hint acknowledging the receipt; for example, ask them to upload a Batman Whatsapp DP for a day. Do share with me how you felt after it.

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[ Pokkisham ]
I’ve done it a few times and neither did I nor the people I sent it, ever talk about the letters. Neither Sarahah nor Whatsapp or Gmail ever gave me such an experience.

Apart from all the novels you read how many of you’ve relished the art of hearing someone recite stories? Yesteryear teens had their grandparents reciting stories to them but because of the change in the composition of a family, we don’t get such exposures as we live in this new “Nuclear families” set up. But whenever you get some free time, do go to the story telling open mics and participate in it. If you and your buddies are too bored, fix a time period, let’s say, a week, to write stories and later meet up in some beach after that week and share your stories. Robin Williams wasn’t wrong in the ‘Dead Poet’s society’, my friends.

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[ Tamasha ]
There have been a plenty of jokes about the scene in Autograph when Cheran travels back to his hometown and relives his childhood memories. But how many people actually went back to all the places they lived in, to collect back the scattered memories and to relive their life one more time? Sounds like a melodramatic one is it? Do it once and you will understand that any drama involved is just a magnifying image of your own reality. It’s fun to write about Dejavu and Nostalgia in the social media, but experiencing it is yet another story. Travelling and exploring about yourself can sometimes be about taking your old diaries, your old photo albums and travelling back in time.

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[ Autograph ]
There are plenty of things we are missing out on and for that, for this one time, I’d like to lean upon the side which says that too much of indulgence into the digital world is not so good for ourselves. From outdoor games, to foods, to relationships, to socialising, we have grown up but we’ve left a lot too. I’ll add up more to this list in the future. Now that you’ve read this, what matters is what are you going to do about it?


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