Are We Afraid to Think More?

Are we afraid to think? Or is it because of a blind egoistic trust we have on our statements that we don’t find a need to think an inch more?


How often do we hear about the exploits of an over thinking mind and about how a simple approach would have easily done the job for us?


I have heard it a lot too and yeah I must admit that I do think a lot when I am not at my best frame of mind.


However, during quite a few conversations, I really feel the need to ask, if we are really afraid to think more, for the mere fear of the truth lying beneath, which is of course, sugar-coated by an idea of opting for a so called “simpler” approach of taking things in a lighter manner.


Pushing aside our natural urge to relate this subtext to how it is applied to our relationships with people, Even in a casual chat with an auto driver about the current affairs or in a thread of a crazy online fan fight, I find this strong sense of embracing the ignorance with people. Yes, it will be harsh to admit but I do think we all liked to do it at some point of time.


Another way to look at it is to see it as our ego over our knowledge or insecurity over our ignorance that we choose to avoid other line of thoughts.


Now applying this idea to our life, If we can get a gods eye view of our life, maybe it will be easy to rule out every aspect of it as too simple or trivial and one might even go to the extreme of seeing all this in a nihilistic way or one might choose to see it in the other way as if it’s just another effect of time. But if you choose to see your existence in each and every aspect of life, I feel it is a very sceptical idea to expect you to take everything in a relatively simpler way.


No one is an over-thinker. It’s just that someone else felt the need to look at things in much wider angles than you do and no matter how you thrust your opinions on them or how much you claim your judgements to be fair, people will choose to think about things, in their own way.


We will have a problem, we will think about it, we will get over it and the mere experience of overcoming that issue will make us feel as if we could have avoided some of the unwanted thinking processes and we will just claim life to be ‘too simple’ to comprehend.




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