Random Thoughts #6

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way or not.


So for example, let’s say you read and liked a post I wrote about a particular subject or you are interested in something I told you before (say, a film director/movie/any celebrity etc). Now, it’s not necessary that I should know anything else about the subject, other than the context which I have written or spoken of. Even if it is relevant to the context, it’s highly impossible for me to have all my knowledge about that context at my disposal for you, whenever and wherever you’re asking me and especially when it is something that’s completely irrelevant to the other topics which we were talking about that time.


People have to understand that personal choices, opinions and ideologies are framed in our mind after a series of thought processes and it requires that frame of mind and for some people it will require that particular mood to talk about it.


If you’re asking me via a text message or a comment, then I can take my own time to think about it and answer it. But when it comes to other interpersonal communication channels, it’s tough because consciously I know for a fact that you’re there either staring at me or giving me that awkward silence, expecting me to give a quick reply and hence I end up yakking something that’s incomplete or something that’s not very true, because of the pressure and later, after some time, go on to state the exact fact about it.


I maybe a hypocrite regarding this issue and if I ever made you feel uncomfortable like this, I apologize.


PS: Now I feel how absurd that joke- “students have to answer all the questions in all the subjects but even the teacher will not be able to do it” – really is.


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