“It’s good to be nice to everyone. But…”

“No matter how strong you’re mentally, you can never be the shoulder to lean upon for everyone you care and it is a harsh truth we all have to accept.”


No matter how much time you invest in being that person for some people, after a certain point, you’ll feel as if all you’re just a punching bag for them and that you can’t take any more negativity!


There’s always this pressure on top of us to be the strongest support system and to take all of it.


For some special people in your life, of course, no matter what it takes, no matter even if you’re in the worst of times, you’ll be there for them, and it need not necessarily be just for our own satisfaction of being there for them!


But that’s not the case for everyone you care isn’t! Maybe that’s another reason why they are really ‘special‘.


The most important thing we’ve to understand is that we can never take the risk of losing ourselves in the process of being there for others. Sounds selfish? You’ve to be!


It’s good to be nice to everyone. But it’s even healthier to be nice to yourself first.


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