An Insecure Mind: What-ifs and Maybes

Just when we feel that we have got it all sorted out, this uncertain life of us, throws at us some situations, people, etc and disrupts the clarity.. It's like the popular quote, "When you find the answer, life changes it's question". Out of the blue you meet someone, you get attached to them, time creates illusions and unsettlement, you start to feel insecure, you start missing them and your mind starts to over think. Most of us have gone through this phase of 'insecurity'. Such phases are one of the best learning curves in our lives. So What exactly does a person feel or think during those insecure phases? I have listed down some of the "What-ifs and Maybes that run in an insecure mind"


“It’s good to be nice to everyone. But…”

"No matter how strong you're mentally, you can never be the shoulder to lean upon for everyone you care and it is a harsh truth we all have to accept."   No matter how much time you invest in being that person for some people, after a certain point, you'll feel as if all you're... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts #6

I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way or not.   So for example, let's say you read and liked a post I wrote about a particular subject or you are interested in something I told you before (say, a film director/movie/any celebrity etc). Now, it's not necessary that I... Continue Reading →

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