Random Thoughts #5: When the old “You”haunts

Have you ever felt that compelling pressure inside you when you know that all it takes to gain respect/ love/ attention/ friendship/care, etc from a particular person was to be like a person whom you can imagine of or to be someone whom you were in your past?

Maybe you know that you changed and events in life evolved and made you into a better version of yourself, but the pressure to become that old person is too much. The reasons for such a feeling need not necessarily be restricted to another person; it can be about your workplace environment, your career, goals, and social relationships or hey, it can just be your mind and nothing else.

Have you lived in those times when you have practiced a new routine or a new lifestyle for so many days, yet something or other, even if doesn’t entail another human, makes you feel like you’re getting back your old weaknesses which you conquered once and that you’ve no idea what you’re now and if all this is like a loop?

You may face times when you doubt yourself, that if you’re slowly becoming that old person and if you’re embracing the vulnerabilities you had.

The way i see it, no matter how much self confidence and emotional strength you’ve got, you may still feel the doubt, but whether or not to think upon the doubt is in your mind. Over thinking in this regard may harm your self confidence a lot.

If you’re able to live through this feeling and if you’re able to be yourself, completely, even if you haven’t gained much respect/ or love or anything you wanted or even if things did not happen the way you wanted it to happen, still you’re a very successful ‘person’


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