OK Kanmani: Mani Ratnam-The Genius


There are some people out there who tend to believe in weird, unusual things. There are some people out there, who like to see things in an unusual way, even if they do know the trick behind it. There are many more people who aren’t even sure of what they’re feeling but they do know that they’re feeling it, consciously or subconsciously. To satisfy all these groups of people, it would require a very strong fantasy spell. But that’s not the case for this Filmmaker. A proof to this ‘visual magic’ of Mani Ratnam, is this scene from “O Kadhal Kanmani“. People, who understand this, would understand how crazy it is to wonder how this magician thought and picturised it. This is what happened to me too. Spellbound by this nectar of “Visual Communication”

Let’s keep aside our opinions on the movie as a whole. Many out there, like me, might have mixed opinions about this movie but this scene which happens to be a major breaking point in the plot, is “Golden“, literally, that the entire sequence has a Golden shade to it. From the golden rays of Sun illuminating the faces, to the Golden tinge of light that is reflecting from the lamp, illuminating Tara’s room.

Tara pranks Aadhi, by asking him to marry her. Until this we were very sure about what Tara and Aadhi don’t want in their relationship. But where is it going towards? What do they actually want out of it? Aadhi wants to answer this to Tara and he does answer these “chinnanchiru aasaigal” of his.

“என்ன எங்க கூட்டிட்டு போற?” Tara asks, as they hop into the train. Aadhi wants to take her back to her hostel before he changes his mind. “Changes his mind from what” we are intrigued and so is Tara, as she asks him, not knowing what this is all about.

“கட்டிபிடிச்சிப்பேன்” he replies. Now we can guess what might come next. Rahman understands that too, and so “Naane varugiraen” starts at the background. Tara teases him back. “பிடிச்சிடா?” she asks.

“விடமாட்டேன்” Aadhi assures. But Tara is not going to stop teasing him because ஆசைகளுக்கு பொய் சொல்ல தெரியாது.

“அப்றம்?” She asks.

“அழுத்தி முத்தம் குடுப்பேன்” Aadhi says and “கேளாமல் தருகிறேன்” the lyric goes in the background.

“The kiss?” And now we are already excited

But Oh dear, she’s not stopping, she teases him more. She wants more.

I will become a monster he warns looking at her lips. We can already sense the uncontrollable lust emitting in that close proximity and in the crevices of their heart.

“துகில் உரிப்பியா?” She asks. Strip tease?

The camera shifts it’s position inside the train and now we can see the environment outside the train

“ஆமா ஆமா ஆமா” Aadhi hits back with such intensity. Oh boy there’s lust all over the air in the train. A Train goes past them, just like the gush of feelings lurking inside this Lustful Beast.

But she hasn’t yet seen what the beast can do isn’t it? She goes on to tease him and they share a smile. Think about the intensity with which they want it so badly.

“கண்தீண்டி உரைகிறேன். கைத்தீண்டி கரைகிறேன்”

As they reach the hostel room, Aadhi says that he would go on to request her to be with him till she goes out to Paris or UK. He’s unable to control himself and his hand are already out of his control.

She leans back at her front door. Aadhi closes in. “Oh So you’re requesting me? Go on”

“நீ அப்டியே உருகி, என்ன ஆசையா பாத்து…..” He looks deep into her eyes.


“உன் கைய புடிச்சி உள்ள இழுத்து…”

“இழுத்து?” Now she’s losing her control too as her fingers linger around his shirt button.

“கதவ தாப்பா போட்டு…”


” போட்டு எனக்கு தெரியாது… நீ தான் சொல்லனும்”

“கடிச்சி தின்னுருவேன்” and she rushes inside the room. The beat increases, just like how their heartbeat would have increased all this time.

“Chinnanchiru ragasiyame” plays at the background.

The cinematographer shows us a mirror shot of them making love and then something unusual and strange happens. The camera pans around in a wave like motion and it seems to cover some items in and around the room. The shot covers a time clock, a lamp, an architectural diagram, of Tara’s of course, a fish tank, and ends with a shot over an urban area. Why should it be like this? Why can’t it be of a shot of sky or a shot of 2 flowers? Is he conveying something through this? Of course. Pulling back the audience from a dizzy fantasy ride into the plot and explaining them the reality through a 30 second shot over objects which signify something. That’s a smart, classic idea.

Both Tara and Aadhi will have to part ways soon, to focus on their respective careers. Time is that one thing they don’t have in abundance. Their time is restricted and they want to make use of it and hence their actions are justified, once again, by time (The clock), and the golden light seems to fall over their wishes as they embrace each other’s deepest fantasies ( The lamp and “சின்னஞ்சிறு ஆசைகளே, சின்னஞ்சிறு ரகசியமே”). But once again you’ve to remember that Tara has to move on and pursue her passion, (Architectural diagram), they’re just like a fish in a bowl and what so ever someday they have to part ways as both will go abroad ( Urban picture). You’ll be intrigued as to how they can do this even though they know that they might not have a future? As the shot reaches Architectural diagram, the song answers us through, “சின்னஞ்சிறு ஆசைக்கு பொய் சொல்ல தெரியாதே”

A brilliance of a shot isn’t it?

Tara, from the bed, asks him if he likes her. He replies that he loves her so much, but the hostel room seems to be uncomfortable for him. Intense wishes are too difficult to satisfy is it?

“Do you love me? Or the sex?” She asks. Ofcourse Aadhi isn’t the kind who would lie for such a question. “I love the sex. But above all, i love you too…. A bit more at least” he says.

“A bit more is enough. Abundance of love can be a trouble” she says. Oh Lord, how clearly they seem to have known what they want

Suddenly she’s curious enough to ask “காதல், காமம், இதெல்லாம் பரவாலய?”. That’s just the fear for sex, as projected by society that is speaking through her.

But Aadhi is not scared.

“பெரிய பாவம். ஆனா எனக்கு பாவதெல்லாம் திரும்பி திரும்பி செஞ்சா தான் எல்லாம் தீருமாம்” he says as he gets on top of the bed, over his lady love. I was right when I told that such intense wishes are too difficult to satisfy isn’t it?

The spell has been cast and you’re already falling in love with Mani Ratnam, the genius.


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