Happy Valentine’s Day

Like a cast of spell it makes us to see things differently. It will be the very same person, you’ve seen for a long time, in parties and hangouts; It will be the very same person whose Facebook pics know your face more than them.


But how is it that you can suddenly notice certain things which you never thought were that beautiful?


The way they shake their head while they talk; the way their voice changes when they speak about love, or something they love; the resisting smile they throw at you in the mornings which can make every emotion in your conscious mind feel shy; the way their eyes react when you’re with them; the way they sit; the measured texts, now growing boundary less; On how their strict parents have left them to text late night beneath the sheets, which protects those rays of cell phone screen light kept at its lowest brightness level; The way they sip their coffee, as if nothing happened, after fighting it out at job to get permission for leave so that they can spend some time on your birthday; The care they show effortlessly; The way they flirt; The way your friends have become so comfortable with them; The way they take each step while walking in those sands with you; The way they can adjust their schedules so that they can be at the railway station, when you’re going on a trip; The way they describe you through their art; The good qualities you’ve got from them; The bad habits you’ve got from them, yet which you don’t regret; The way they can think a birthday wish; The way they fight; The way things you thought were clichés have become niches; The million other ways through which they show love.


Even the way they break up with you can be beautiful.


Are all these love? Or is love, the fact that you can observe all these things without effort!? People who believe in Real Magic don’t believe in tricks or logic. Not sure if i believe in Real Magic, but i do believe in Love, at least now


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