Random Thoughts: Harsh Realities

‘Desires become fantasies. Passion becomes a luxury you can’t afford’

Is it just about money and time?…. You tell me.

People doubted you? You know you can prove them wrong.

People never supported you? Someone, some day will support you.

Is it about the pain of letting it go? Maybe it is.

Because you seem to get hurt every time you hear the word “harsh reality”, as reality seems to be too harsher than the word itself.

You would want a person to do something which is beyond control and beyond the relationship you share with them, as it feels too comfortable to your mind.

You want a staircase towards your goal as you think you have already suffered enough striving towards it.

You don’t want people to change. You want them to overcome the hurdles of time and distance. You want them to not change the emotional mind frame you share with each other.

You want all the facilities, finance, and support to pursue what you feel as you think the real struggle is only about nurturing the plant and not about setting up the pot.

Ironically, your mind somewhere down the line did realise the harsh reality about this. Contrary to what many believe, human mind is too simple and fragile towards such harsh realities. Maybe you realised it and you don’t feel anything over it and maybe you could go on keeping this thought in your conscious. But not all situations are alike and predictable for us to subjugate whatever it offers.

But what is the thing that’s troubling you when you have already realised the situation? It’s just that some fantasies and some desires seem to be so comfortable that you feel like floating aloft over every other negative feeling you feel. Your heart wants to keep thinking, that the reality is not really a reality and wants to submerge itself in this chalice of sub conscious, while your mind has already concluded consciously what it actually is.

But we do overcome it pretty soon. The sooner we realise the fact, the less harsh it seems.

So we don’t have facilities, finance, and support towards what we want to do. We can’t control and expect a lot from anyone. So what’s the solution for it? What is the conclusion beyond the mental mind frame we form towards it? Well you should ask yourself these questions and find an answer as there’s no other person like you in this globe. There are no custom made answers and that is one more harsh reality for you to chew upon.


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