Most people heard this song first in Hindi and hence the Tamizh lyrics is so underrated. And this frustrates me a lot. I am not going to talk about the temporary feel of “musical high” that Rahman offers. I have decided to write about the lyrics. No I’m not going to explain them to you. You do that part.

I have had huge crushes on a lot of songs. So much so that they would make me come back to them, every single day to rethink if i am in a relationship with them. I never felt this tugging, intense love with any song, that makes me feel sane for sometime over the philosophical ,deepest emotions that my mind would dare to venture out deep inside.

But i did fall in love with this song. Intense love. Not because it gave me what i felt i wanted, but it changed my perception over what i wanted out of the song. It made me feel insane over the reflections of the deepest emotions. Yes, the objects in the reflection were closer than they appear. What emotions were they? Love? Lust? Anger? Desperation? Solitude? It was a combination of all these. And i did not want to venture deep inside these emotions, fall in love/ feel lustful/ Relish rage/ Dethrone desperation/ give a flying kiss to solitude. I just wanted to know how it would feel and i got it through the reflections.

I fell in love with the lyrics of this song. So let me try to my best of writing knowledge to take you into a journey of how i fell in love with her, the lyrics.

She doesn’t give a huge, dramatic entrance. She’s like that next door girl you see everyday.

“இதயம் இடம் மாறியதே.. விழிகள் வழி மாறியதே

இதுதானே காதல் என்று அசரீரி கேட்கின்றதே”

Yes she’s beautiful. But you start to wonder if it’s a trick to mesmerise you. You start over thinking as to what will follow. But she doesn’t give a damn about what you feel. She’s going to go in her own elegant way.

“இந்த பூமி முழுவதும் அழகாய் மாறிபோனதேனோ

என் வானம் மீது புதிதாய் ஒரு மேகம் மிதப்பதேனோ”

Now her features seem to synchronize with your present state. Suddenly you feel that you concentrated an inch more than what you should and your world has been captivated by music and sheer peace.

“மனமே மனமே எதனால் இத்தனை உற்சாகம் உணக்குள்ளே புதுவித தடுமாற்றம்

உனக்கென்ன நடந்தது சொல்வாயோ?

ஓ… மனமே மனமே எதனால் இத்தனை கொண்டாட்டம்

கண்ணுக்குள்ளே கனவுகள் கொடியேற்றம்

உனக்கென்ன நடந்தது சொல்வாயோ?”

You ask yourself now and give a tad at the back of your head to assure you that you’re human. So human, that you never realized the attraction. You seem so addicted that you feel the scent of madness and mystery from her. But she has already decided not to spare anyone. She isn’t going to stop for a fool who seems to have fallen in love with half her beauty. She is going to kill him. The musical veil of the princess is now taking it’s share in this dangerous mind game. As the beat keep increasing, and the rhythm shakes hands with the chorus in the background, you seem too excited to look at that woman one more time and she doesn’t disappoint you.

“செஞ்சூரியன் ஜோதியில் சந்திரன் ஒளி சேர்ந்ததோ

அசைந்தாடும் ஆழியில் அழகிய நதி கலந்ததோ

காலமென்னும் நதியில் விழுந்து இரவும் நகர்ந்தது… பகலும் நகர்ந்தது.. இதயமும் நகர்ந்ததுவோ…

இதயம் இடம் மாறியதே.. விழிகள் வழி மாறியதே

இதுதானே காதல் என்று அசரீரி கேட்கின்றதே”

She seems to be taking in the musical nectar offered to her. It makes her flow like a summer breeze. You lose your concentration and you start focusing on the musical ramp gifted to you.

And towards the end, she gives back the very same look. The same looked that nearly swept you off your feet. But this time you feel very familiar with it and it doesn’t cause you any trouble. It smooches your senses and passes by. And a new fresh musical tune seems to start. As of now you seem to know what might happen next. You start imaging what she would do. But she has other plans of presenting herself to you..

” அலைப்பாயும் காதலே.. அணையாத தீயா..

வலித்தாலும் காதலே..இனிக்கின்ற நோயா”

Yes she appears with a different, magnificent look. She appears with KC Chitra’s voice. You are speechless. You never saw her, this beautiful. Ever. Can elegance consume elegance to such extent? Kaalamennum nadhiyil vizhundhu azhagai azhagaakinaalo? How can i explain this beauty? Maybe i can sing Muzhumathy avaladhu, from the same album and describe her beauty to perfection?

“இசையோடு சேரும் தாளம் ஸ்ருதியோடு பாடும் ராகம்

அதை போல எந்தன் நெஞ்சம் உன்னை சேர்ந்ததே, உள்ளம் சாய்ந்ததே காதலின் கால் தடம் தந்ததும் தீயா.. தந்ததும் தீயா.

தீயை தொட்டு ரசித்தால், வந்ததும் நீயா”

And she proves yet again to you her character. She’s as beautiful in the inside as she looks outside. You marry her at this moment. She’s all yours now.

But she’s not any other mystery girl. She seems to have more surprises and many other faces to show. The musical thickness recedes and singer Kartik goes into a familiar tone of story telling with a rhythm fitted with it.


“எந்தன் கணவிலோர் பூந்தோட்டம்…

பூக்கள் பூக்கும் பெண்ணே உன்னாலே…

பூவின் வண்ணம் மட்டும் என் சொந்தம்…

பூவின் வாசம் எல்லாமே உன் சொந்தமே”

You start wondering the depths of meaning to this new form of a tale she has taken. The slow narration has pushed you to a pond of thoughts.

And yet again the musical veil appears and the beat increases. But you are not very surprised as you go on to kiss her and seal the moment.

“புது யுகமே பிறந்ததோ பரிமாற்றம் நிகழ்ந்ததோ

இரு துருவம் இணைந்ததோ இடைவெளிகள் தொலைந்ததோ

காலமென்னும் நதியில் விழுந்து

இரவும் நகர்ந்தது, பகலும் நகர்ந்தது, இதயமும் நகர்ந்ததுவோ”

இதயம் இடம் மாறியதே.. விழிகள் வழி மாறியதே

இதுதானே காதல் என்று அசரீரி கேட்கின்றதே

மனமே மனமே எதனால் இத்தனை உற்சாகம் உணக்குள்ளே புதுவித தடுமாற்றம்

உனக்கென்ன நடந்தது சொல்வாயோ?

உனக்கென்ன நடந்தது சொல்வாயோ?

As she asks you this, you can now go on in an endless journey to search the answer.

“உனக்கென்ன நடந்தது சொல்வாயோ?”


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