Random Thoughts: Just Cry

I had a good amount of points to make a write up about smiling, and it’s good effects. But when i was thinking about that, i personally felt writing about crying is needed more than writing about smiling. Maybe I’m wrong. But still that’s what i felt.
Umm…Personally speaking for me crying is a very hard thing to do. I just don’t cry and no that’s not a positive trait which I’m boasting about. Infact during one of the many low phases that life gifted me with, i was at a position when i had to let go of all the ego and just cry. But i couldn’t and it was not due to ego or something but i just couldn’t cry. I spent one entire month in anxiety. I knew i will feel okay if i cry it out.but i couldn’t. Even now i just don’t cry . So having known about this, one commonly used phrase is disturbing me a lot.
” Aambalaya irundhtuu azhura”
Wtf seriously. Ellarkum thondradhu easy ah sollira vishayam, ovvoruthanum ovvoru kavala nu. So u people seriously know the depth of that? Like do u really mean it when u say that? Come on why do u bring in gender into this frame ? Avan avanukku ennavo azhanum na azhuvaan.
You never stepped into his shoes to know what he’s undergoing. Its always easy to just tell him, ” dei life laam jolly ah eduthutu poiranum da, yen azhudhutu ellam “, but honestly speaking, maybe, if u were in his shoes, you would be dead already. So maybe he’s the strongest emotional character here compared to you.
So stop bringing gender into the picture. Oruthan azhuraana avanukku enna problem enna nu kekka pazhagu. Poitu periya dash madhiri enna da azhura, idhukellam azhuvangala nu kekkadha. It takes hell a lot of courage to cry in front of people. But be thankful that at least he has opened up and that he’s willing to show others that he’s not okay.
For example soldren, Enakkum en friend kum oru prechana vechipom. Rendu perukum ore madhrii prechana. Avan adha marakka sarakkadikraan. Naan edhum pannama poi ukkandhu azhuraen. Naan en azhuraen na enakku azhanum pola thonudhu azhuraen..avanukku adhu thonuchu adhu panraan. Idhula rendu per melayum thappilla. Aana epdi oru adipattu kedakura aal thanni adicha ethukuraangalo adha vida kammiya ethukranga when the same man cries out. Avan azhugaya nirutha udane edhachum thappana advice adhu idhu nu pannira vendiyadhu. Stop that. Think.
Bathroom la olinjirundhu azhudha adhu aambalathanam, idhe thaanga mudila azhanum nu nenachi azhudha avan aambala illaya?
If you just tag gender to each person around us using their emotional state, then each one of us will be a man once and a woman next. If u stereotypically state that men’s don’t cry, it’s like stating as if that to prove that he’s a man, he has to resist his basic human emotions. There are many other ways for one to prove if he/she is a man/ woman and it has nothing to do with such basic human emotions.
Next time when you see a person. A HUMAN… Ummm okay, ANY LIVING THING, crying, hug it, love it, cure it , help it. Or just let it cry, but don’t spoil it by saying such idiotic statements
Parents kum sollika virumburaen idhaye. Aana sila times parents ellam paasakkara people naala vera madhiri anbu thollai varum. Andha anbu naala oruthan open ah solla vandha kuda solla maatan.It’s completely unrelatable but definitely deserves a mention.
” Enda kanna azhuraaaa?”
” Onnum illa ma”
” Illa ma”
” Vayiru valikudhaaaa? Thala valikudhaaa?”
” Illlla maa”
” Upma senjivechirken, en da azhura? Solla maatiyaa?”
” Ma adhan soldraen la ma onnum illa”
” Appo enna da prechana unakku?”
“Theriyama un munnadi azhudhutaen ma. Adhan thappu, poi upma konduvaaa”
This is anbu kolai
I hope u understand what I’m conveying and try to make your surroundings a better place for everyone to live in with peace


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