Random Thoughts: Queues Q’s

I feel so compelled to talk about certain things, thinking of which i feel so irritated..
1st problem I’m going to address is passing comments based on your judgement of physical capacity of a person.
I’m sure most of the people would have heard this phrase being said by some jobless uncles standing near queues stating, ” indha chinna vayasula indha pasangalaala nikka mudila” or worse, “aambala pullaya irundhutu nikka mudila soldra”
Well let me be clear, you don’t know what physical problems another person is undergoing. You cannot judge another person’s strength or weaknesses and he need not ‘declare’ his physical problems to you. Maybe he is perfectly alright and will spring up if you telecast a Katrina Kaif song video or Ms Dhoni batting video. Maybe he is just fed up standing and feels sitting down somewhere nearby will be more interesting. Maybe he’s going to stay up longer wherever he is or maybe he has some sporting event to attend so he is saving energy for that.
I completely agree with the fact that people should have a fit, healthy physique. I’m working towards developing my healthy body and I hope all of you develop too. But that doesn’t mean that you go around ridicule a person who’s not fit and start applying pressure. If a person feels that he’s not at his best physical health, he knows about it better than anyone. So shut the hell up.
Now coming to that whole bizarre, “aambala pullaya iruntu…” Yes,  Men are stereotypically expected to be strong, but i just don’t know how that is related to ones ability to stand in long queues or in bus stops. People’s physical strengths vary drastically from one person to another
For example, i can lift an empty Gas cylinder without much effort. But the regular boy who supplies gas cylinders and who is roughly about the same age of mine can lift a full, heavy cylinder without any effort as it has become his daily routine.

The 13 year old kid who supplies Milk packets to houses also does various other jobs like supplying newspapers, going around collecting Milk Distribution cards, etc. I always see him busy, doing some job or the other. i can never imagine doing anything like that. Now just because these 2 people are young and let’s suppose assume it that they’re unable to stand in queues for long when compared to me, does that mean I’m stronger than them? Maybe or may not be. There’s no need to be. There’s no proper standard to measure these things.
Some people even go to the extent of giving statements like, ” look at all those girls who are standing. Look at those energetic kids. Now why can’t you stand?”
Okay its a good thing that they find standing in stupid queues so interesting, so what?

You mean to say they’re stronger? Will things remain same, say, in a cricket field for example?
Last year i was admitted in Isabelle’s due to food poisoning. There was this uncle who was sitting near the entrance of my ward. So when the warden took sometime to arrange the room, this guy started a convo with me and asked. ” Ungalukku enna college pora vayasu irukkuma? ”

I said aama for which he turned and looked at a guy who was standing behind him and gave this nakkal kind of reaction. After i went in, he told him “Kanda edathula suthi saaptu sarakkadikka vendiyadhu , indha vayasulaye food poisoning nu admit aaga vendiyathu”. And unfortunately my receptors heard this brilliance of a dialogue.
” enda naaye, Sky walk ku edhirthaapula irukkura Juice kadai la watermelon juice vaangi kudichen. Food poisoning aagi pudungukichu, vaandhi eduthen. Ippo unakkum adhe immunity level irundhurundha unakkum dhan da aagirkum. Adhukkum vayasukkum enna samandham? Seri adha kuda vudu, nee yaarra ******* en food habits pathi judge panradhukku? Kanda edathula saapduven hospital la seranum nu aachu na seruven. Adhellam naan paathukren, nee yaaru idha kekka?”
But no we shouldn’t reply to them apdi laam, yen nu keta, “public nu vandhuta apdi dhan keppanga, pesuvanga, kandukama po”
And some old macho thuglife unkils sometimes drop their perfectly crafted finisher move,
“Enga kaalathula… Unga vayasula irukkrapo….naan laaam….. neengalum irukeengalae ”
” Reputed respected saar avargaley… Dhinam dhinam 5 packet dhum adichu TB vandhu kedakureenga. Ungalukku idhu thevaya? Ungalukku munnadiye porandhu sethaaru Bruce Lee aana unga moonja paatha nyaabagam varudhu Sundeli.
Naanga laam enga vayasula enga kaalathula epdi irukom theriyuma? Unga vayasula engalukku varapora kaalathula epdi irukka nenaikrom nu puriyuma?” Nu kekka thonum aana kekka koodaathu. Apram avarkkum namakkum enna vidhyasam?
A big salute to all people who had to painstakingly stand in long ATM queues. Especially people with physical disabilities and senior citizens. 😢😢👏👏


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