The Chicago Diary Note

​It was during the fall of 1998, when Mr. Sherman found the old diary of his late wife. Ever since , whenever his sons visit him, he will take out one particular page from that diary, recite what his wife had written and will tell them about what was going through in his mind, during that particular incident. Even though it was the very same incident, the very same words that they were about to hear from their aged father, his sons never complained. They used to hear it with such enthusiasm as if it was the 1st time. 
George, the youngest of the 3 sons, recorded the recital in a journal, so that he could show them to his sons, when the time comes, and could boast about his parents and the classy 50s romance between them.
“It was 1954. I was barely 25 and was working in a bank nearby our house at Chicago. One particular week, your mother was constantly pestering me to take her out to a nearby circus. We were a new couple back then and we used to be so excited about going out and having dinner. So the plan was to go to the circus, and then go to a restaurant. This particular dairy note was about a conversation we had at the circus entrance that evening..i think your mother wrote this that late night. So here, let me recite it out. 
“22nd August 1954. 
Easily will be my most memorable day. Myself and Sherman went out to a circus, and then went out to dinner. It was a lovely evening. More so lovely not because of the circus or the dinner. But because, i understood a lot about him. At this juncture, we’re inseparable best friends more than a couple and getting to know more about each other feels so lovely. I was very excited about this evening and i was getting ready, when i realised that my make up kit was missing. I felt so nervous and anxious that i had to search the whole house some 3 times. Sherman was constantly shouting at me for the delay and after a million thought processes, i decided to go without any make up. I was so nervous. But i can’t afford to miss that evening. I think he noticed that i had no make up on. After reaching the circus, we had to wait near the entrance for Sherman’s friend Paul who had bought the tickets for us. Paul did not show up till then and the show had nearly started. There were hardly anyone near the entrance and we thought that the hall would have filled by now. We were having this strange conversation about modern cars when suddenly Sherman turned towards me, held my waist and kissed me. That kiss was very different to me. It had new signs of passionate love in it. After the kiss, he looked at me in my eyes and said “You look very beautiful tonight , darling”. I’m sure he noticed that i was wearing no make up. Maybe i looked awkward. But those eyes.. it never lied. I think he really meant it. Did i look that beautiful through his eyes?”
This is what your mother wrote. It was a very memorable evening for me too. I do remember every second of it. I do remember her face that evening. I do remember the kiss. You boys will never know how i felt when I read this page for the 1st time. I did notice that she had no make up on. I really felt that she looked beautiful. I thought to myself, maybe she would have looked more beautiful with all those make up on. But it would have been a “beautiful” that i didn’t quite like. But that night, i loved that beautiful. The loveliest of all her ‘beautiful’ it was” 


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