Kalvare Kalvare- Song Analysis

ttvttvtLet’s first understand the situation, and the placement of the song Kalvare Kalvare in the movie Ravanan. When the movie released, this song, according to me was highly underrated compared to the other songs in the album. But to me, it is one of my most favourite. So the situation is that a tribal leader has kidnapped Ragini (Ash) who is the wife of a police officer Dev (Prithvi) to avenge the death of his sister and the police officer is in a pursuit. Dev’s position is critical. He knows that his wife is in danger. With all those feelings in his subconscious he wants to hunt down his enemy. Ragini on the other side is confused as to what is happening and what might happen in the future.

At this very moment the subtle interpretation is of two souls missing each other. And that’s exactly where it’s necessary to show case the love between them. Not just to show the romance between them, this song is placed at the right moment, helping us to form a sketch about the two characters. In short, to the audience, the characters build up after this song. At this juncture, the song just flows in without disturbing the flow of the recital. It starts with a shot of Dev, sitting in the woods, completely lost in his moments with her and ends with a shot of Ragini under the captivity of the kidnapper. The song is in such a way that it is basically Ragini who will be expressing her feelings for her husband, with Dev reacting and reciprocating to her. The thing to notice there is that it forms a balance as the character of Ragini , till that point was that of a Bold girl who was stuck in a very bad situation and is completely helpless, and this songs helps our minds to uphold her strength as a character. Another detail in the screen direction to notice is that throughout the song Dev not only will be rejoicing or reciprocating the love, as a husband and a lover, but he is also seen doing other activities, such as working in his laptop, mobile or as simple and ordinary as lighting up a cigar. This creates another impression in our minds, about the devoted, hard-core police officer that he is. Now coming to the actual song, it’s the magic of Vairamuthu, the lyricist and the music legend, the mozart of madras and the wonder girl Shreya Goshal. The resultant of this combination is so divine that it can pull in any person into the song completely.

Especially during the ” உம்மை எண்ணி உம்மை எண்ணி, ‘ஊமை கண்கள்’ தூங்காது..” you will naturally feel a lot of things stressing on the words ” ஊமை கண்கள் “. Is it about the eyes of her, the ever beautiful Aishwarya Rai whose expressions were terrific in the song? Is it about the literal meaning that “she thought so much so about him that even her eyes which used to talk so much has completely gone dumb and she couldn’t sleep” ? It also coincides with the current situation that the characters are in.

When Shreya sings ” வாரம் தோறும் அழகின் பாரம் கூடும் கூடும் குறையாது ..” it actually takes away all the ‘பாரம்’ from the listeners’ heart.

” என் ஆசை , என் ஆசை. நானா சொல்வேன்? என் ஆசை நானா சொல்வேன் , என் ஆசைக்கு நீயே சொன்னால் , கண்ணாலே ஆமாம் என்பேனே” shows an innocent lover’s beautiful desires.

” எங்கெங்கே உதடும் போகும் அங்கங்கே உயிரும் போகும், அன்பாலே ஆழ்ச்சொல்வேனே” will bring smile to any lover’s heart with a love flowing out to eternity.

With all these elements brought together, with sensual lyrics, with the love of art in every aspect, Kalvare from Ravanan becomes a sheer master class.

“Kai ah idhu. Sora sora nu….karadu morada.

Jaadhagam paathanga. 7 porutham paathanga. Kai vazhu vazha nu irukka nu paakalaye unga maamiyaar”

“Kanne. Naatiya peroli. Idhu policekaaran kai. Polladha kai”

“Indha polladha kai, sutta kai ah sudadha kai ah? Nenja thottu sollunga”

“Soldradhu vera..”

” poyaa”

And Rahman takes over. 🙂


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