When The Universe stood still

” and sadness was the only scent felt in that kingdom and as villagers would recall, the princess ever since then, would just sit at the veranda all night gazing at that lone star above the Eastern part of the empire. As the ancient records suggest, people believed that the star came just to take a glimpse of the princess and would vanish when the sun comes up..” and he stops reciting the story due to an interruption

A young girl, from the audience raises her hands and with the consent of the story teller proceeds to ask him “But my teacher told me that stars will move because of the rotation of earth. How come that star alone won’t move? “, And the audience start giggling

Understanding the situation, he responds by saying that, “That night the whole universe stood still for the princess, my dear”

And the girl quickly replies with another question “Does that happen in real life? ”

To which he answers, “Well, it did happen to me when i saw your mother for the 1st time in the college corridor ” and the whole crowd starts applauding the story teller’s reply and the girl , with a confused look and a shy smile sits down and he continues to recite the story.


After the event, at the backstage, the girl asks him “When will the universe stand still for me?”

Puzzled by this, he replies saying “My dear, Universe won’t stand still for anyone. It’s nature and nothing can stop it”

“Oh. But during the event you told me that it did stop for you “, she asks

“My dear, back on that stage I’m a poet and a story teller, but right now I’m a father.” He answers

Hearing this, the girl takes out a flower from a bunch and with the brightest smile of the evening, gives her dad saying “You’re the best papa, the story was good”. Being touched by this gesture, the story teller hugs his daughter.

“Okay, now mommy must be waiting. So let’s go” he points out and both of them went to the cemetery where the girl places the bunch of flowers on the grave of her mother and whispers “Mommy, to me, you are my universe. Universe does stop right?”

And continues narrating to her mom, about the events that happened in her life that week.


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