Always Mine


He applies the brakes hastily and the car stops near the police booth in the beach road

She looks confused. The scent of negativity in the air is evident from the look on her face as she turns and stares at him.

“WHAAT? Why are you staring at me right now? “ He asks her in a very loud voice

And adds, “I’m the one who is angry and I’m supposed to be. Okay tell me, did you really send her that text during the summer vacations?”

She gasps with fear and tears roll down. After some moments, in a very low voice with no confidence, she tells him, “Yes i sent that text to her. I did it out of affection. Not just in this case, in almost everything they accused me of, i did it for you. ”

“Oh so you pretended to almost everyone that you were in a relationship with me?. Wow you’re a genius i should tell you” he hits back.


“What else was i supposed to do? That was the only way i could keep you ‘single’ till i graduate. I was scared. With all your, so called “fans” trying everything they could to get close to you, i had no choice. And you never told me about your other female friends. I couldn’t tell you my feelings baby. We were in a really good phase in our friendship and i did not want to stop the fun. I’m really sorry about it. I’ll apologise to all those people if you want me to”


He couldn’t resist but smile at her innocence. “Do you remember the fight in the canteen with David?” He asks

“Yeah? Why are you reminding me that? “She asks as her mind plays back the whole scene one more time

“Why do you think i hit that idiot?” He asks with a wide smile in his face

“Why? …..For me? “She asks excitedly.

“Actually the 1st punch was because i didn’t like the egoistic walk he had and then, the fact that he barged inside the room and took a bite from my cheese pizza, angered me. But yeah, the 2nd punch was for you and almost all the fights i got into after that was for you” he grins.

As they look right into each other’s eyes, she leans forward and whispers ” I’ll add “extreme possessiveness” to the list of things we share” and they kiss each other as the argument , like any other casual day, turns into a very lovely moment..


“Ohhh  another one? Why don’t they just put up a bigger sign board?” sighed a traffic policeman from a distance, as he walks towards the car which was parked in a “No Parking” area.


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